Careers in Construction & Maintenance with Mykra


As a well-established, growing company, Mykra is always on the lookout for new talent. Our long history of excellence means we are seeking motivated, creative and energetic individuals who will be committed to our team, our values and the needs of our clients.

We strive to ensure that Mykra provides the most challenging and rewarding work environment possible.

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We expect our staff to respect what’s important to us:

Value – creating the best possible value for our clients and suppliers
Family – helping & making the lives of others easier
Ownership – owning any problems, and delivering on our promises
Curiosity – always learning, listening and improving
Variety – excelling in every kind of building



We encourage ongoing sharing of ideas. Brainstorming – and your opinions – are actively encouraged.


We provide the opportunity to work remotely or from home when required.


Our intercompany social club is a thriving initiative that brings together people from every department, over fun and competitive activities that promote team building.


Mykra wants all employees to experience rewarding work and a good work-life balance. We promote participation in events such as ‘R U OK? Day’, we arrange group personal training sessions to promote a healthier and active lifestyle, and we even have fresh fruit delivered to the office twice a week.  Our support of Mates in Construction is very important to us and our teams are trained accordingly.


Our undergraduate program is designed to support young professionals’ development, which includes work experience opportunities and hands-on projects across different departments. A strong connection with the University of South Australia sees us at open days where students are encouraged to talk to us about careers in the construction industry. Students who work for us in a casual capacity during their time at university are often welcomed as full-time employees upon completion of their studies.


Mykra is serious about giving back to the environment and community. That commitment threads through everything from consistent recycling all the way through to charity activities and partnerships. Examples include participation in Planet Ark’s National Tree Day, and a continuing partnership with Food Bank. In an effort to help South Australians in need, Mykra ran a Food Drive in conjunction with Foodbank during March 2018. The Food Drive was a great success with the food being dropped at Foodbank on Friday 23rd March in time to help families over the Easter period.

Above all, Mykra has a great work culture. People are our most important investment, and we want our work to benefit everyone involved.

If you have an interest in construction, building or maintenance services and are interested in an opportunity to build a rewarding career with Mykra, please contact us.