Services – Construction, Maintenance, Refurbishment & More


Mykra serves the entire building life cycle and can work with you to meet any construction or maintenance need you have – from construction through to demolition and re-use – at a competitive priceWe make sure that our client relationships are so strong that we are your first point of call for any new projects or service you require, in any of our service areas

Mykra’s projects range from large commercial and government building projects to additions, refurbishment projects and ongoing maintenance and service contracts. We have the experience, resources and capability to undertake any commercial or maintenance project of any size, anytime, anywhere.


Our construction services range from medium to large scale projects (worth between $300k and $15 million).  We typically work on 30 constructions projects at any given time.

Our construction management service gives you the option to use our expert team to manage your project and its associated contractors and other stakeholders. This method helps eliminate any delays and pitfalls you may experience managing the process yourself. We will work with you to ensure you secure the most competitive subcontractors and achieve the highest quality outcome possible.

As a third-generation SA-based family business, we have the knowledge, experience and established relationships necessary to handle any construction project.  


Mykra completes over 3,000 commercial maintenance projects every year.

We have a full-time fleet of fully-equipped maintenance vans, complete with multi-skilled operatives to act swiftly and respond to any project which may require attention. This gives us unique flexibility to tackle any challenge you may face, from preventative or ongoing maintenance to emergency services.

With our full-time staff and thoroughly vetted subcontractors, we offer:

  • Comprehensive building maintenance
  • 24/7 repair service
  • One-hour response times.

Our vans are stocked with everything required to handle the most common jobs we encounter, and more specialised tools and equipment are available 24 hours a day from our office and workshop compound, including onsite warehousing and storage facilities.

We are trusted to provide maintenance services by many large insurers and facilities management groups.


Mykra is highly experienced in refurbishments and additions to established buildings. From small projects to major de-fits and commercial/retail fit-outs, we handle all procurement, planning and execution – on time and on budget.

Our skilled team and highly developed processes ensure excellence, including:

  • Sensitive or special projects, e.g., heritage buildings & occupied premises
  • Asbestos removal or contaminated sites
  • Projects with special cultural or environmental requirements.


Our remediation services include repair of essential elements due to damage, defects or a lack of maintenance. This work includes:

  • Heritage and restoration
  • Decontamination
  • Structural failures
  • Concrete and masonry repairs
  • Natural disasters

Many of these jobs require an initial quick response to make buildings safe, and often include highly specialised skills and trades.