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Botanical Gardens Waterlily Pond Upgrade


Project Scope: Botanical Gardens Waterlily Pond Upgrade

The main focus of this project was to remediate the existing lilypond by upgrading the plumbing and electrical components to ensure the plant life were maintained correctly, installing additional waterproofing and new timber planter beds to raise the aesthetic of the space. An external render and paint was applied to top it off. To better the environment for the existing plant life, care and consideration was taken in consultation with the project engineer and the Botanical Gardens to ensure that all products and their set-up would benefit the plant life.

A fun fact about this project was Mykra’s supervisor’s great great grandfather, George W Francis, was the first Director of the gardens when they officially opened to the public in 1957. We were honoured to be able to remediate such a historic site and see our ‘Family’ value come to life in this project.

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