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Cruickshank Reserve Clubrooms


The Cruickshank Reserve Clubrooms is a newly constructed 135m2 facility specifically designed to serve as the new home for the St Peters Tennis Club. The clubrooms are strategically situated along two boundaries adjacent to existing residential properties and feature a diverse range of construction materials, including precast concrete, brickwork, and Maxline cladding, creating an appealing and robust structure.

The design of the clubrooms presented a notable challenge due to the complexity of the small structure, as the finished floor level (FFL) was set approximately half a meter above the surrounding paving. This required a specialized footing system utilizing Cupolex void formers to manage the level change effectively and provide a stable foundation for the building.

The clubrooms are positioned on the rear side of the reserve, approximately 50 meters from the street and situated behind an existing playground. This location necessitated careful planning and coordination by Mykra, who worked closely with the Council and crane operators to establish a temporary access road and conduct lift studies to navigate the craning process around significant trees in the area. Mykra collaborated with the Council’s maintenance team to organize pruning and removal of shrubs and trees prior to the start of construction, ensuring a smooth construction process while preserving the natural surroundings.

Before construction began, multiple site meetings were held with the services engineer and Mykra’s electrician to plan the staging of the electrical work. These discussions were crucial in relocating the existing meter to a temporary board and installing new underground wiring and a pit, which enabled the sports lights on the courts to remain operational throughout the construction period.

Early boundary surveying revealed potential conflicts between existing retaining walls and the building design, which the team addressed by adjusting the plans and incorporating necessary changes in the Shop Drawing process. This proactive approach helped mitigate any potential onsite delays and ensured the project progressed smoothly and efficiently.

Mykra engaged with the tennis club stakeholders well before construction started, providing one of our temporary offices for the club’s use and setting up chemical toilets for public use at the playground and tennis courts. This level of engagement ensured that the club could continue its activities while construction was underway and that the needs of the public were met. During the build, Mykra worked closely with the architect and the club to reconfigure the joinery and expand the scope of the project as needed, ensuring the final facility would meet the specific needs and preferences of the St Peters Tennis Club.

the construction of the Cruickshank Reserve Clubrooms was a complex yet successful project that required meticulous planning and collaboration. Mykra managed the challenges posed by the location and structure, working closely with the Council, and maintaining a proactive approach in addressing design conflicts, relocating electrical infrastructure, and engaging with club stakeholders ensured smooth construction and a facility tailored to the club’s needs. As a result, the club now enjoys a modern, well-equipped facility that enhances the playing experience for its members and the community.

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