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Frank Mitchell Clubrooms


The construction project for the Frank Mitchell Clubrooms marked the creation of a new 380m2 clubroom and a 210m2 changeroom, complete with connecting verandas, serving as the new home of the White City Soccer Club. The clubroom itself was designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, featuring a spacious function room with a distinctive raked ceiling that seamlessly opened up to the soccer pitch through bifold doors. Accompanying this, there was an adjacent stainless-steel bar, a well-equipped kitchen, and a convenient kiosk.

After battling the elements during the bulk earthworks and footing excavations through winter, the building quickly took form and achieved lock-up. Works then stated on the new carpark after some redesign and updated civil engineering. Pockets of the existing fill onsite failed compaction, Mykra removed the unusable material and imported 80t of replacement material.
As the construction progressed, the club and council requested additional features, showcasing the flexibility of the project. These included extra electrical works, paving, and irrigation. Even after the handover, Mykra’s commitment to excellence continued, as we returned to install supplementary elements such as the coke and beer systems and additional landscaping.
The project successfully completed on time, enabling the White City Soccer Club to start their 2019 pre-season, and received positive feedback from stakeholders. The well-received outcome reflects the construction team’s expertise, making the facility a source of pride for the soccer club and a valuable asset for the community, setting a benchmark for future projects.

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