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Harbour Town – Stage 2 Ambient Upgrade


This project consisted of an upgrade to the northern entry, outdoor mall and amenities areas. There was a significant extent of cladding replacement, shopfront glazing works, feature lighting and landscaping works. The amenities upgrade consisted of a reworking of the layout with high end finishes highlighted by feature corian vanities. We also created the new gabled entry statement and replaced a large portion of the plaza roof with an aluminium batten glazed roof to significantly increase the natural light.

The project required Mykra to work concurrently with the client’s engaged concretor with a high level of coordination and staging of works. The shopping centre remained operational and trading throughout the construction period. Mykra worked day and nightshift to achieve the tight timeframe and minimise disruptions during the works.

Mykra arranged early intrusive inspections of the claddings to assess the substrate’s viability for the new claddings, this uncovered a few deficiencies that were able to be costed ahead of time and included into the Head Contract while also mitigating issues if these were to be found during construction.

During the amenities renovations we uncovered a number of undocumented in wall services that required reworking of the layouts, and latent ground conditions including the existing sewer connection being approximately 2m below the slab level requiring extensive excavation for the new toilet connections. We were able to effectively communicate the issues and come to quick resolutions to keep the project progressing, mobilising day and nightshifts on short notice.

Mykra also worked with the client to adapt the project’s scope a number of times throughout the works as various tenants moved in and out, and with leasing agreements being altered. Each shopfront had a specific deadline to achieve leasing agreements which were being changed throughout the project, Mykra continually adapted our program to achieve these leasing timeframes. Each night Mykra would demobilise to enable shopping trade during the day without disruption of visual obstructions, the client was very satisfied with our works in the occupied environment and the quality of the work produced.

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