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A residential extension was completed on the eastern side of the property to expand the living space into the existing carport and laundry areas. The extension provided additional living accommodations for a disabled occupant by creating a fully accessible environment. The project entailed demolishing existing structures and extending the dwelling to the property boundary to include an additional bathroom and bedroom.
The design aimed to make the property fully accessible for a quadriplegic occupant, featuring Novita Tech and Austronic automation systems for voice-activated control of doors, blinds, and home appliances such as fans and TVs. Wider doorways and walkways, the elimination of barriers like steps and thresholds, and the construction of ramps ensured smooth movement between indoor and outdoor areas.
The extension included a fully accessible bathroom with a large shower area, wall-hung vanity units, and an in-wall cistern toilet. The bathroom was spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair and allow for multiple people to assist the occupant if needed.

The project team faced challenges in integrating home automation systems into a residential setting and adapting to the specialized design and construction needs of a handicapped-friendly environment. These challenges were addressed through extensive design planning, consultation with Mykra, and collaboration with occupational therapists and other specialists. Mykra’s collaboration with Luxaflex, Austronics, Novita Tech, and the client’s care team and family added value to the project, ensuring the client’s needs and preferences were met throughout the project to create a comfortable and accessible living space.
Rigorous quality assurance and testing were essential after construction to ensure all accessibility features, automation systems, and installations functioned as intended. Voice-activated systems were tested for responsiveness and reliability, with necessary adjustments made to guarantee the occupant’s comfort and safety. Once successful, final inspections were conducted by LSA for commissioning approvals. The occupant moved in after approvals were secured. A maintenance plan was provided to ensure the ongoing functionality of accessibility features and automation systems, with regular upkeep and support for the occupant.

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