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Paddocks Sports Facilities – Para Hills


Paddocks Sports embarked on a comprehensive design and construct project to unify the Para Hills Football and Para Hills United Soccer Clubs under one roof. This initiative led to the creation of an 800m² facility centrally located between the existing sports ovals. The building featured a mirrored design, ensuring that each club faced its respective oval with an interconnected function space. Beyond the main structure, the project encompassed the addition of storage sheds, freestanding public toilet buildings, a 440m² car park, and significant hardstand pavement areas to seamlessly connect the various structures.

The design and approval stages of the project were particularly challenging and required careful navigation. Mykra was responsible for the concept design and securing Planning Approvals. Given the project’s classification as non-conforming, additional reports from Planning and Traffic Consultants were necessary. The site’s natural slope required extensive benching, raising the ground level by up to 1 metre in certain areas. Managing stormwater discharge was complex due to nearby creek areas, and the building’s proximity to Bridge Road, located 150 meters away, necessitated additional consultations with SA Water. Despite these hurdles, the team maintained the integrity of the original design and construct tender concept throughout the process.
A significant aspect of the construction phase was the need to keep the existing clubrooms operational while the new building was being constructed. This requirement led to a two-staged construction methodology. The first stage involved meticulous planning to ensure that underground services and stormwater management systems were appropriately designed and implemented. Demolition of the old structures required strategic planning to maintain a live main switchboard, which temporarily serviced the new build. This stage had to be carefully coordinated with SA Power Network to manage any delays in connecting the new main switchboard. Then the existing buildings were cleared to make way for the carpark and landscape areas.
During the construction process, the Council expand the project’s scope to include the addition of a proprietary K9505 “Caretaker” restroom featuring a skillion roof. Additionally, the Council opted to replace the existing Groundskeeper Shed rather than refurbish and extend the current structure. These changes required further design considerations and integration into the ongoing construction schedule.
Throughout the project, Mykra demonstrated a commitment to preserving the original design intent while adapting to new requirements and overcoming various challenges. The end result was a cohesive, well-integrated facility that successfully combined the resources and functions of the Para Hills Football and Para Hills United Soccer Clubs, providing enhanced amenities and infrastructure for both clubs and their members.

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