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Payneham Oval Clubrooms Upgrade


Payneham Oval Clubrooms Refurbishment was a collection of 14 works packages across the existing building and oval, ranging from toilet renovations, services upgrades, solar, storerooms, goal post netting and the largest package a new two storey lift install. The new lift shaft added to the side of the existing building was constructed with a 1.1m deep lift pit and 200 series corefilled blockwork with an acratex render finish. The aim of the project was to address a number of issues with the existing building, rejuvenate some tired spaces, improve disability access and add new features for the club’s benefit.

As works progressed onsite the consulting team and client stakeholders continued to add scope to the project, this ranged from small painting extras, various joinery works, making good floor rot, and replacing faulty services equipment such as coolroom compressors. Notable scope additions included an additional bathroom shower and access ramp, there was also several areas of latent asbestos confirmed during demolition that were added to the project.

Installation of the 10m high goal post nets required hydroexcavation due to clashing with existing services running around the oval. Mykra worked with the engineer on a re-designed footing design and parts of the irrigation were diverted to enable the install.

The end product of the Payneham Oval Clubrooms Refurbishment garnered high satisfaction from both the client and the club. Mykra’s readiness to undertake additional small works across the site was particularly commendable, reflecting a proactive and flexible approach to meet evolving needs. The outcome is a facility that not only revitalizes tired spaces but also signifies a substantial leap towards a more accessible, modern, and efficient environment for the club and its members. The works demonstrated a successful collaboration that extended beyond the initial project scope.

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