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Redevelopment of Henley RSL


Redevelopment of the Henley Grange RSL was a design and construct project that included internal renovation of the 260m2 facility and a new 73m2 “Cheer Up Hut” extension, entry airlock and outdoor plaza area.

Preliminary plans were provided by Council and Mykra finalised these designs including engineering and approvals. During the design the plaza area was changed from a deck to a concrete hardstand through review of civil levels and stormwater design across the site shared with library. Also due to the proximity to the beach, a perforated screen was redesigned to glass balustrading with RSL branded window film.
Demolition started onsite and it quickly became apparent there were a few latent conditions that required revised design and additional works. The existing walls adjacent the new Cheer Up Hut were structurally instable, requiring additional support. Salt damp damage was also discovered on the backside of the building due to the adjacent laneway civil levels forcing water back towards the building. The salt damp was treated, and new concrete upstands were added to mitigate the issue moving forward.
The project had a unique complexity driven by the RSL stakeholders; it was imperative the two billiard tables in the Social Lounge were not touched or disturbed. The tables were screened off during construction and protected with removalist blankets. New carpet was even installed around the legs as to not move the tables.
The design and construct contract allowed for prompt solutions achieved through collaborative efforts with the design team during the redevelopment of the Henley Grange RSL. This pragmatic approach ensured effective problem-solving, resulting in a finished product that significantly improved the previously dilapidated RSL facility. The success of this cooperative process demonstrates the positive impact of streamlined problem-solving on the overall functionality and quality of the renovated Henley Grange RSL.

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