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Unley High School Bld 33 Refurbishment


MYKRA had the opportunity to work within Building 33 at Unley High School through our latest project. The Unley High School Building 33 Refurbishment project began by the careful demolition of its interior, paving the way for an extensive refurbishment and extension.

By reconfiguring four classrooms into five and introducing a new common learning area and staff office, the school’s functionality was enhanced allowing for more students within the building while also giving the building a significant aesthetic appeal upgrade. The addition of high-quality aluminium windows, custom joinery, and modern ceilings brings a fresh, contemporary feel to the space. The focus on practicality ensures that each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art mechanical systems and reliable communication infrastructure, prioritizing the comfort and convenience of both staff and students.

Throughout the project, MYKRA encountered challenges including the discovery of deteriorated structural supports from the original build, necessitating significant re-engineering efforts in collaboration with structural engineering consultants to devise cost-effective and practical solutions. Moreover, navigating the live school environment posed another hurdle, requiring extensive site safety precautions and meticulous planning to ensure minimal disruption to student learning, including managing deliveries and mitigating loud works.

During construction, MYKRA had the privilege of hosting a guided tour for 25 students from the school’s future trades class, encompassing various trades such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. These students underwent an induction process and gained valuable insights into the workings of a construction project. This project represents MYKRA’s commitment to creating dynamic, conducive learning environments within Unley High School through this project as well as previous projects completed at the site.



“It has been great working with Mykra on this project. The professionalism displayed by the project team certainly made it a smooth process and the quality of the end product is excellent. Extremely satisfied with the service provided by Mykra and would have no hesitation in using Mykra for future projects.”

Leah Bagnell, Project Manager – Ventia

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