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Urban Climb Flooring & Mezzanine


Over the course of a year and a half, Mykra successfully undertook a series of projects focused on refurbishing the cinemas located at 128 Hindley Street. The initial phase involved extensive landlord works, featuring significant demolition and retrofitting of a 5-storey lift. Subsequently, Mykra executed various smaller projects for separate tenancies.
One notable project within this timeframe was the Urban Climb Flooring and Mezzanine project. This endeavor encompassed 1030m2 of structural timber flooring works spread across three cinemas on Level 4. The primary goal was to level the floor in preparation for the future fit-out of rock-climbing arenas. Additionally, the project included the construction of a 227m2 structural steel mezzanine viewing area.

To achieve precision in the execution of the project, the existing blockwork was strategically pocketed, revealing the structural steel. A 3D survey was conducted to generate accurate shop drawings. Collaboration with engineers was essential to address additional structural connection details around existing staircases and pocketed walls, anticipating the future connection of rock-climbing equipment by the client.
The logistics of the project were particularly challenging given the constraints of the existing building. A 60m2 opening was meticulously created in the roof, facilitating the loading of all timber and structural steel components. The installation of the mezzanine structural steel required the utilization of a spider crane, which was strategically loaded into the building for efficient erection.
Mykra’s comprehensive approach and meticulous execution were evident throughout the various phases of the refurbishment, showcasing expertise in navigating challenges and delivering successful outcomes.

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