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LHI Retirement – Barnes Lewis


LHI Retirement Barnes/Lewis was the construction of six new 3-bedroom residential dwellings, a new 300m2 maintenance facility as well as the associate driveway and landscaping works. The steel framed brick veneer dwellings were designed for independent living including DDA fixtures and reinforced walls. The project was surrounded with feature brick fencing and security auto-gates to create a gated community.

The site was very tight with minimal room for material loading and storage, with no access to the rear of the dwellings after the frames had commenced. This meant that the driveway works needed to be highly coordinated, and underground services completed later in the project when the disruption could be worked around. Mykra also coordinated works with utilities including new NBN and gas main connections.

The dwellings were required to be finished to a very high standard and Mykra went over and above with our inspection testing plans and defects processes. Bathroom tiling was removed and replaced if falls were not precise to the stepless transitions, and the flushing, sanding and painting of wall linings was highly scrutinised throughout.

During the works Mykra accommodated resident Selections changes, included various electrical changes to suit the individual residents and added miscellaneous features such as fridge water points as requested.

Mykra’s commercial approach to residential construction proved to be a significant asset to the project, ensuring the maintenance of a consistently high standard of finish throughout. When the unforeseen challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted various facets of the project, Mykra exhibited remarkable resilience and adaptability. This adaptability and commitment to excellence demonstrated Mykra’s standing as a reliable partner in residential construction.

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