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McDonald’s Golden Grove


Project Scope: McDonald’s Golden Grove

This project consisted of the modification of the storage area to accommodate a dual lane drive through and larger cool room facilities.

The drive through was constructed of a black oxide reinforced concrete slab with electronic menu boards with remove ordering speakers enclosed with drive through canopies. Due to the sloped nature of the site, a significant retaining structure needed to be constructed on the boundary to support the footpath. New fencing above the retaining wall was required to ensure the public were safe from falls.

The cool room extension consisted of a new raft slab extended into the corral. The perimeter was bricked up in a matching brick to the existing walls. Likewise the corral walls were reconstructed in face brick on new concrete footings to suit the reduced footprint of the corral. A metal roof on light steel framing was constructed over the new extension and supported by the new brick wall. Above the roof a plant platform was constructed to house the new mechanical plant for the cool room.


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