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The Unity Early Learning Centre (ELC) is a newly constructed, 440m2 childcare facility that accommodates up to 38 children. It features thoughtfully designed landscape works, wraparound decking, and a 450m2 parking area to ensure accessibility and convenience for families and staff.
The building was constructed using timber frames and trusses. The exterior combines timber cladding and brickwork, showcasing a distinctive breezeway pattern that enhances the building’s visual appeal. Inside, the centre boasts high-end finishes, including curved walls and intricate joinery, creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for young learners.

Mykra worked closely with the project’s architect over a two-month period to achieve cost savings of $164,000, aligning the project with the client’s budget without compromising on quality. Additionally, during the course of the build, Mykra secured nine cost credits that allowed the client to invest in further enhancements and almost break even on expenses.
The project adhered to a strict timeline due to ongoing enrolments, requiring the construction team to work efficiently and diligently. The works took place during a hot summer, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees on many days. Despite these challenging conditions, Mykra continued working through the holiday season, right up until Christmas, and resumed early in January ahead of the usual industry break, ensuring the project remained on schedule. The centre’s remote location also demanded careful planning and strategic logistics to ensure smooth operations.
The civil design posed unique challenges, as the parking lot was intended to extend into a larger future lot. This required meticulous adjustments to the civil levels and stormwater design to establish a temporary solution. Mykra worked closely with the civil subcontractor and project engineer to verify alternative levels and ensure the project’s successful completion.
Mykra’s careful collaboration with the architect and attention to detail achieved significant cost savings while maintaining high-quality standards. Overcoming challenges such as tight timelines, extreme weather, and complex civil design, Mykra’s efficient work throughout the project and strategic planning in a remote location ensured successful completion. The result is a beautifully crafted facility that provides a welcoming environment for young learners and their families, setting the standard for future childcare projects.

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